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Insulation Removal

We vacuum remove all cellulose fibre insulation, and various types of other ‘Blown In’ insulation. This is generally done through the roof itself, but can also be completed through a manhole. Our truck-mounted vacuum is fully enclosed in the truck and catches the vacuumed insulation into specially designed bags for easy disposal. We have installed water misters onto the open door areas of the truck, to eliminate dust particles entering the air (unlike trailer mounted vacuums). Our exhausts for the vacuum are situated inside the truck making it a safe, efficient and clean removal.

    Frequently asked question:

  • Why remove it?
    • If you are renovating or removing the ceilings on your property, it is highly recommended that this sort of insulation be removed, as it too will fall from the ceiling cavity when removing any panels.
    • After approx. 15 years, the fire retardant loses it’s effectiveness making the product flammable
    • If your ceilings are sagging, this could be due to moisture entering the ceiling cavity and being absorbed by the insulation
    • This will cause the product to become too heavy for the ceiling to support
    • Some customers develop skin allergies due to the chemicals added to the paper insulation
    • You would just generally like it to be replaced with a more efficient product

Areas you may find cellulose insulation: Ceilings, roof spaces and attics