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Ceiling Vacuum

We specialize in vacuuming all types of ceilings - from plasterboard / v-jay from residential ceilings to factory type commercial ceilings. No matter what type of ceiling you may have, we have the machine to get your ceiling clean!

Removal of harmful dust particles.
Preparation for new insulation.
Remove fire hazards.
Remove dead rodents, cockroaches etc and droppings.

The Process:
We enter through the roof space by removing a few tiles or unscrewing a roof sheet, the benefits of this are that you have no dust entering your house and it also lets light in so we can do the best job possible. We use a large hose so we can access all areas filter down to a triple filtered high powered auto cleaning vacuum that also passes through a partial separator. This gives us maximum suction enabling a superior quality job!

V-jay ceilings
-these ceilings require a fine brush head to remove the dust out of the cracks to leave the ceiling clean and as dust free as possible.

Sprayed plaster ceilings -these also require a fine brush head to remove as much dust as possible

Plasterboard ceilings --we use a special tool to vacuum efficiently as possible.