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Ceiling Vacuum

We specialize in vacuuming all types of ceilings - from plasterboard / v-jay and all types of residential ceilings to factory type commercial ceilings. No matter what type of ceiling you may have, we have the machine to get your ceiling clean!

Gutter Vacuum

Our powerful vacuums can suck the leaves, mud and rubbish directly from the gutters, rooftops, valleys, box gutters and downpipes of the home. We can also include light trimming of any over hanging trees to assist in eliminating all future debris in the gutters.

High Pressure Clean

A full roof pressure clean can eliminate dust, mould, dirt and debris from the roof. It can give your roof a new lease on life! (Especially if you’re looking at selling at your property.) Whether your roof is tin or tiles, our high-pressure cleaners can access difficult to reach places with the greatest of ease

Insulation Removal

We remove all types of insulation including cellulose fibre insulation. This is generally done through the roof itself, but can also be completed through a manhole. Our truck-mounted vacuum is fully enclosed in the truck and catches the vacuumed insulation into specially designed bags for easy disposal.

Insulation Services

We have over 10years Insulation installing experience in the industry. We can supply all sizes of batts to suit any application, our staff are fully trained to work at heights in safety harnesses and carry Queensland Government White cards. Depending on your budget and requirements we have the product to suit your needs.

Whirly Birds

We supply and install various types of roof ventilation options to suit your roof type and ventilation needs. We can supply a broad range of colours to match your roof colour. We can also supply and install powered roof and eave vents.